Five years ago, 03–03–2016, almost a year after the launch of Supermiro, I went to the clinic for the “so-called” best day of my life. It was snowing, my little suitcase in hand, my baby more than 10 days late… and yet serene.

Except that in less than an hour, everything was turned upside down. His little heart decelerating. We leave for the block. I refuse the C-section. They tell me I have no choice. That it’s no longer up to me. They make me talk about my work in the operating room to try to relax and inject me…

2020 was rough and long.
2021 is hardly any better.
And yet, every day at Supermiro, we continue to move forward in an incredible atmosphere, with smiles, jokes, stress, good, sometimes bad, and creativity overflowing from the walls.
This week we finalized and delivered our Moonboxes. A limited edition st valentine’s box with 7 chefs, 7 surprises, 1 live… for the b2c. In less than 12 days everything was sold. And the waiting list continued to grow.
This earned us some of the most beautiful encounters with the chefs for exclusive interviews while for some of them their kitchen was closed. Then, incredible meetings…


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