5 years already! Mompreneur

Five years ago, 03–03–2016, almost a year after the launch of Supermiro, I went to the clinic for the “so-called” best day of my life. It was snowing, my little suitcase in hand, my baby more than 10 days late… and yet serene.

Except that in less than an hour, everything was turned upside down. His little heart decelerating. We leave for the block. I refuse the C-section. They tell me I have no choice. That it’s no longer up to me. They make me talk about my work in the operating room to try to relax and inject me with the doses of anesthetic. I pitch Supermiro. The midwives think it’s a great project and ask me to bring them a business card after all this. 😂 I’m too nervous, I’m strapped to the table like Christ on the cross. The baby’s outing can begin. They shake me like never before to get him out of my belly; worthy of a cocktail shaker. This baby is stuck. Since 3 months in my belly. No one has realized it. His pretty little face is all deformed. He starts physical therapy on day 2. No one for 12 days in the hospital will commit on the fact his face will fall back into place and that no one will not see a thing one day. I am overstressed.
This is my story. This is our story. This is my strength. And this is the beginning of my struggle. A few days of calm, taking this little being to the physiotherapist every day when I can barely stand on my legs. And then crying. Endless crying. I wait for naps to have a few hours to devote to my first clients, to my entrepreneurial project, but they are non-existent. This child NEVER sleeps. No sleep at night. No sleep during the day. It sleeps a baby though, doesn’t it? It grows and builds while it sleeps, doesn’t it? You’d have lied to me, wouldn’t you? 😊
Well, not for over a year. 72 consultations within a year with doctors of all kinds to try to find out, to understand what’s wrong with this little guy; going through the worst diagnoses. The ones that change a life. Forever.
Like all moms, lack of sleep makes me wobble. Like all moms, I wonder. What did I do wrong? What don’t I understand? Why don’t I understand? It’s my child tough.
A year of struggle in which I yet managed to raise nearly half a million euros to advance my project and take Supermiro to the next level. To recruit. Develop the product. Convince, advance.

5 years later, this is the first time I talk about all this outside my private circle. Motherhood and entrepreneurship have been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Being a mom has been the greatest asset in helping me grow as an entrepreneur. It has taught me to have grace for myself, how to be more compassionate, and to see the beauty in all the lessons life has to offer, especially the hard ones.
I think moms are master negotiators and the best salespeople. If you can sell a toddler on why vegetables are good for you, you can sell or negotiate just about anything. Multitasking, sales and negotiation are all skills that are essential in being a successful entrepreneur.
The thing about motherhood is that you don’t get to give up and quit. I didn’t always know what my next move should be. But, I’ve learned in both business and motherhood that I must keep on moving and pivoting until I find what works. When something doesn’t work, I’ll try my next best option, and choosing that next best option will do one of two things: it will give me the clarity to move forward or the confirmation to close the door, and I will try again.

5 years already. 🎂
Honestly? It was hardcore and it is still sometimes on a daily basis with this little guy; but I share it here by thinking that maybe it could help some women stay in the race, become better versions of themselves. I am far to be the perfect mom but I’m doing my best; and I am ok with that. Just giving all the love I can and trying to understand this so special ‘in a positive way’ creature that I have the chance to live with. That’s all that matters.
BE proud of you. BE proud of where you are. It will lead you where you need to be.